Hope for Tomorrow

Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

For Hope Fellowship, the mission of a capital campaign is no different than the mission that has been at the core of the church from its beginning:"Our mission is to help people learn to know, love, serve, and share Jesus Christ while being a family beyond a family."

How does expanding our physical facilities accomplish this mission? It accomplishes this mission by expanding our capacity to reach more people, accommodate more activities, and expand ministries. This debt reduction and potential building expansion campaign will stretch our faith, help us grow together as a congregation, increase our vision for the future of the church, and firmly place our sights on Jesus Christ as the one in whom we have placed our faith and as the one to whom we strive to draw others towards.

The Time Has Come
In April 2016, the Advisory Board made the recommendation to the church that a plan for building expansion should be considered. That recommendation was received with unanimous support. There were several specific reasons cited for the need to explore expansion. Those included:

* On Wednesday nights, every classroom and the Worship Center is filled with the activity of Awana and Adult Bible Study.
* During Sunday School and Adult Study on Sunday mornings, several children’s classes are being combined and classrooms are almost filled. At times, every classroom as well as the Youth Pastor’s office is filled on Sunday mornings.
* The number of young families in the community and at the church is growing. The demand for space to accommodate greater numbers of children and youth will continue to grow.
* The use of the Worship Center for multiple activities, including the set-up and tear down to accommodate those activities, is creating wear and tear on the sanctuary.
* A building expansion plan and capital campaign can take several years. Advanced planning and fundraising needs to occur now in order to turn a building into a reality in the near future.

The time to move forward has come.

Our Goal
Our first and utmost goal is to glorify our Father and further His purposes here on Earth. This includes prayerfully considering every step, fulfilling our debts and obligations to lenders, and engaging the congregation in faith-stretching giving beyond regular tithes and offerings. To this end, it is the recommendation of the Capital Campaign Committee that Hope Fellowship Church prayerfully consider a 40-month capital campaign with total raised funds of $400,000 by April 2020.

Phase I: Debt Retirement and Seed Money (January 2017-March 2018) - Goal $125,000
In an effort to pay current debt and better secure the financial footing of the church, it is the recommendation of the Capital Campaign Committee to pay off this balance in the first phase of our capital campaign. Regardless of how Phase 2 develops, paying off the church’s current mortgage is necessary for improved financial positioning of Hope Fellowship Church and fulfills the biblical financial principle of carrying as little debt as possible. In addition, in laying the foundation for possibly building a multipurpose building, it has been discovered that significant cash outlay is required for architect drawings, engineering services, testing, permits and more. This work would be required before breaking ground on a multipurpose building. The first phase of our campaign will improve our cash flow position as major expenses arise in the early stages of a building project.

Will There Be a Phase 2?
The Capital Campaign Committee is tentatively planning a second phase to this campaign, which would focus on raising a significant down payment on a building loan and future mortgage for a multipurpose building project. At this time, the church is working with various firms and agencies to determine the viability of this project. If it is determined that the expansion plan is workable, it is anticipated that Phase 2 of this campaign will begin in April 2018. However, if an unexpected obstacle arises and expansion plans are put on hold, remaining funds from Phase I will be rolled into a capital improvements fund for use on the church’s current building.

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