2019 Pastoral Transition

This is a time of transition for Hope Fellowship Church. We set our eyes on the plan God has in store for our church family in the months and years to come.

This page will host information available about the pastoral search process, opportunities for the HFC church body to serve and fill in gaps, and more.


Senior Pastor Job Description (last updated 8-25-19)
Hope Fellowship Congregational Profile (last updated 8-25-19)
Pastoral Transition FAQ (last updated 8-5-19)

What's Currently Happening?

Interim Pastor Mike Frantz and his wife, Marge, joined us in February 2020. Pastor Mike is serving us as a part of Interim Pastor Ministries.

What Can I Do Now?

1. Pray, pray, pray. The Search Committee needs your prayers! Pray for wisdom, discernment, clarity, and unity. Pray for our future senior pastor and that he would feel a call and draw toward HFC.

2. Stay committed to serving, giving, worshipping, and gathering in small groups. Uncertainty is disconcerting, but we have faith! Let's continue to be a "family beyond a family" by staying engaged, perhaps even more so than before the transition started.

3. Share HFC's Senior Pastor job description if have a candidate you believe would be a good fit.

You may have additional questions. Feel free to touch base with any of our deacons: Jeff Claunch, Chance Bitner, Kip Sloan, and Andy Nocks. You may also visit with any member of the search committee: Jeff Claunch, Chance Bitner, Kip Sloan, Chris Anthony, Nancy Cloud, Francy Chapman, and Curt Myers. You may also e-mail your comment or question to searchcommittee@hfc-kc.org.

During times of transition, there is a tendency for people to step back and have a posture of "wait and see." As a church, we will strive to instead say, "God, we know you are with us, and so we are going to keep moving forward and trust you to do amazing things in us and through us."